On a dark Georgia night, they had no chance to get out of the way of the formidable roar that lunged at them.  Instantly the car ended the lives of the three young black Girl Scouts. Pierre Duquesne, the only son of the world’s wealthiest man and heir to the great arms and munitions fortune lay in a drunken stupor, unharmed and unaware of the heinous crime he had committed.

To calm the public furor seventeen year old Pierre is sent to St. Pat's, a home for delinquent boys located in upstate New York.  More privileged than anyone at St. Pat's and, sheltered all his life, Pierre must embark on a journey to manhood in a way neither he nor his father Rutherford could have envisioned.  

During his tenure at Saint Patrick’s Pierre will encounter diverse group of young men he has nothing in common with. Like Petroni a brotherly leader with  an off- the- chart IQ. Tyrone Delaney—who  learned too early that it was kill or be killed on the streets, and stopped valuing everything, including himself..  Sean Gregor- the sexually abused, homosexual outcast with a singing voice that surely God bestowed.  Finally there is Fawler Mulrae who unceasingly lashes out at Pierre. 

from M. Lennon Perricone